American Management Association

American Management Association

The University of Maine at Presque Isle, as an extension institute of the American Management Association, has developed a multi-course curriculum leading to a Certificate in General Management and Certificate in Human Resources. These programs are specifically created to meet the unique needs of working professionals who want to learn state-of-the-art business skills, but do not have the desire to enroll in full-time credit courses.

Fall 2017 AMA Schedule

Courses are designed to help you become more effective in your present position and better prepared for future advancement. By meeting in a classroom setting with other managers from many different organizations, students are able to see how other companies handle problems similar to their own. The courses are facilitated by instructors with extensive business experience as well as excellent teaching skills.

The curriculum’s flexible design permits participants to take the courses that will benefit them most. There are no prerequisites to any of the courses and student are free to design the program that fits their needs.

The foundation course required for the Certificate in Management is What Managers Do; you earn a certificate when you complete a total of 10 CEUs (continuing education units). The foundation course required for the Certificate in Human Resources is Fundamentals of Human Resources; you earn a certificate when you complete a total of 10 CEUs. These are the only required courses within the curriculum. Courses may be taken in any order and there is no time limit for completion of the program. Each course meets once a week for six weeks and one or more courses may be taken per term.


“I feel that the practical information and the interaction with other managers/supervisors has been extremely beneficial to my personal and work development.”
Certificates in both Management and Human Resources


“The AMA Program is WONDERFUL! The flexibility allows a full-time employed person or full-time parent the opportunity to take these classes that lead to a certificate that can only benefit them in their current position or any they aspire for.”
NANCY CHANDLER (Maine Public Service Company)
Certificate in Management


“The AMA program has been quite influential at our hospital. We have many employees who have graduated from the program. AMA classes have provided them with management development training to become more successful in their job and to advance professionally.”
TOM UMPHREY (Vice President for Human Resources, TAMC)

Tuition Information

Tuition: Each course is $300. Tuition includes instruction, text, and materials. You are not registered until the FULL PAYMENT for the course(s) is received.

NOTE: A $50 fee will be charged to the student if the cancellation is not received FIVE days prior to first class date.

For further information or to register, interested individuals or organizations should contact:

Kim Jones
University of Maine at Presque Isle
181 Main Street
Presque Isle, ME 04769
(207) 768-9459 – phone
(207) 768-9527 – fax