Seniors Achieving Greater Education

Seniors Achieving Greater Education

Seniors Achieving Greater Education (SAGE) welcomes intellectually curious adults, age 50 and older. Do you have a desire to learn in the company of people with both shared and different perspectives? SAGE brings members together in a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere to discover new things about the world and about themselves. There are no admission requirements, no examinations and no grades-learning is its own reward

After 20 years SAGE has a new membership fee structure. The new annual membership fee is $25.00 (September 1 – August 31). No more semester fees. For each course there is a $5 charge. Some courses may have an additional fee, usually for course materials.

SAGE began in fall of 1998. We offer courses that vary in length from three to eight weeks. The courses are planned and led on a volunteer basis by our own members and guests. Course formats range from lectures and discussions to field trips and hands-on learning. Course topics include arts, sciences, current events, foreign affairs, and specialty courses. We have two sessions per year, one beginning in October, and the other in mid-March. Classes usually meet for two hours once a week. Excursions to special places and events are planned whenever possible.

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