Admissions Standards

Admissions Standards

Please note: We are no longer accepting new students into our Athletic Training program. If you’re interested in pursuing Athletic Training, our B.S. in Exercise Science, with a concentration in Pre-Healthcare, is exactly what you’re looking for to prepare you for graduate programs in Athletic Training.

The University of Maine at Presque Isle Athletic Training Program is a competitive admission program housed in the College of Professional Programs. Students matriculate to the University designated as Athletic Training Majors, but are not admitted to the program until the spring of their sophomore year.

In the fall of the student’s sophomore year a candidacy period is served, consisting of directed observations in various allied health settings, including the University athletic training room, practices, games, and physical therapy clinic.  During this time, the student is responsible for completing the Blood Borne Pathogens training, maintaining a journal of their experiences in these areas and is expected to abide by the policies and procedures of the program, (i.e., attendance, dress code, etc.). At the completion of the candidacy period, the student receives a formal interview from members of the athletic training staff, teaching faculty, administration, and a student representative of the program for determination of admission.

The following criteria are utilized for the admission and selection process:

  1. Candidates must have an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  2. The following courses must be completed with a grade ‘C’ or higher during the pre-professional phase:
    ATH 101 Intro to AT/FP
    HPR101 Lifelong Wellness
    ATH 225 Strength Training and Program Design
    ATH 244 Techniques of Athletic Training
    PHE 340 Advanced First Aid and CPR
    BIO 261 Human Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Physical Education
    BIO 261L Human Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Physical Education Lab
    The pre-professional phase is considered the first three semesters of the candidate’s educational preparation.
  3. Completed Application Packet, including:
    • Completed Application Form
    • Three Letters of Recommendation (in sealed envelope)
    • Transcript(s) (Maine Street)
    • Communicable Disease Policy
    • Hepatitis B Vaccination Documentation or Declination
    • Verification of Physical
    • Probationary Policy
    • Insurance Form and Emergency Contact Info
    • Completed Bloodbourne Pathogens Training
    • Technical Standards
    • Reapplication Policy
    • Policy and Procedure Understanding Form
    • Agreement of Confidentiality
    • FERPA training
    • Personal Transportation Policy
    • HIPPA training
    • Direct Supervision Policy
  4. Selection will be made by the following criteria:
    1. Cumulative GPA and required prerequisite course work
    2. Evaluation of clinical observations
    3. Evaluation of references
    4. Compliance with all required policies and procedures
    5. Fit in the profession

    All items will be evaluated by the selection committee and applicants placed in rank order. The top applicants will be offered positions in the program based on available position all candidates will be notified by e-mail of the decision of the selection committee.

  5. The applicant must submit a letter of acceptance by a specified date.  Failure to return the letter of acceptance on time will result in the position being offered to the next applicant on the list.
  6. Transfer students are permitted to apply to the program; however, students are expected to fulfill all prerequisite course work and admission / selection criteria as other non-transfer students.
  7. Students will be required to have a background check after acceptance into the program. The current cost is $35.00. (subject to change)
UMPI Athletic Training Admissions Packet

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