Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: We are no longer accepting new students into our Athletic Training program. If you’re interested in pursuing Athletic Training, our B.S. in Exercise Science, with a concentration in Pre-Healthcare, is exactly what you’re looking for to prepare you for graduate programs in Athletic Training.

1. Can I play sports and still be an athletic training student?

Yes, you are allowed one sport per year. As a student, you need to stay focused and still get your school work done.

2. What sports do you work with?

At the University we have men’s/women’s soccer, men’s/women’s cross-country, volleyball, golf, men’s/women’s basketball, softball, baseball, hockey, area high schools athletics, and Aroostook league football.

3. When do I actually start in the athletic training program?

Classes within the major begin the spring semester of your freshman year.

4. What does my grade point average have to be to stay in the program?

It must remain no lower than a 2.5. If you drop below this average, then you are placed on probation.

Any other questions, contact Barb Blackstone, Program Director, at the following e-mail address: barbara.blackstone@maine.edu.


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