OpenU Course Offerings

OpenU Course Offerings

Spring Semester

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Course Title Room Instructor Meeting Dates
ART 313-0001* 19th Century Art History Online Elizabeth Flaherty 1/21/2020-5/8/2020
ANT 110-0001* World Religions Online Kimberly Sebold 1/21/2020-5/8/2020
ENV 120-0001* Meteorology Folsom 303 Ted Shapiro MoWe 12:30-1:45
GEO 101-0001 Human Geography Online Kimberly Sebold 1/21/2020-5/8/2020
HTY 350-0001* US Environmental History Online Kimberly Sebold 1/21/2020-5/8/2020
HTY 489-0001* Zombies Eat America(Special topics in History) Online Kimberly Sebold 1/21/2020-5/8/2020
PCJ 180-0002* Intro to Prof Comm and Journal Online Jacquelyn Lowman 1/21/2020-5/8/2020
PHI 151-0001 Introduction to Philosophy Online Lea Allen 1/21/2020-5/8/2020
POS 211-0001* Intro to Political Thought Online John Zaborney 1/21/2020-5/8/2020
WST 101-0001* Intro to Women’s Studies Online Deborah Hodgkins 1/21/2020-5/8/2020

For course descriptions, please view them in the Course Descriptions section of our downloadable Course Catalogue. Descriptions are listed alphabetically.

* Students will have to buy trade paperbacks or textbooks

** Lab fee required to be paid to Business Office prior to class start