umpi-openu-logo (1)The University has partnered with several high schools in Aroostook County to provide dual-credit opportunities for students. Dual-credit courses are advanced level high school classes taught by UMPI-qualified high school instructors. Successful completion of such a course allows students to earn both high school credit toward their high school diploma as well as college credit from UMPI that can be put toward a college degree. These courses only cost the students $15 per credit hour, which saves high school students and their families time and money toward earning a college degree.

We currently offer Dual-Credit Opportunity at the following high schools:

RSU 39: Caribou High School, Caribou Regional Technology Center

MSAD 42: Central Aroostook High School

RSU 70: Hodgdon High School

RSU 29: Houlton High School

MSAD1: Presque Isle High School

More information coming soon.

CATC: Capital Area Technical Center

More information coming soon.

Dual Credit FAQ

What is the difference between Aspirations and Dual-Credit?

Aspirations courses are courses that you can take that are taught by UMPI faculty through the UMPI campus. You are can take up to six credits tuition free per academic semester. Dual-Credit are courses taught at high schools by UMPI-approved high school teachers. These courses cost $15/academic credit. They count towards your high school diploma AND towards the University of Maine at Presque Isle transcript. You can take Aspirations through the Presque Isle campus, Houlton Center or Online. Dual-Credit is taken through your high school.

What is the difference between Dual-Credit and Dual-Degree?

Dual-Degree allows the opportunity for students at MSSM to earn up to two years worth of college credit, and even an Associate’s degree for specific high school courses that they take. Dual-Credit are courses taught at high schools by UMPI-approved high school teachers. These courses cost $15/academic credit. They count towards your high school diploma AND towards the University of Maine at Presque Isle transcript.

Will these courses transfer?

UMPI dual credit courses will transfer to all of the following UMS Institutions:

University of Maine
University of Southern Maine
University of Maine at Farmington
University of Maine at Augusta
University of Maine at Machias
University of Maine at Fort Kent

When will I get my bill?

For Dual-Credit, parents will receive a bill of $20/credit.

How do I pay my bill?

Payment is coordinated through the Guidance Department at your high school. You will make a check out to the University of Maine at Presque Isle and the Guidance Department will collect your payment.

If you are a homeschooled student participating in this program, please mail your payment in the form of a check to the UMPI Financial services department.

My bill is incorrect.

Please contact Student Financial Services in Preble Hall or at (207) 768-9510 if your bill is incorrect.

When do I have to sign up for my class?

Dual Credit students must sign up by the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester.

How do I drop/withdraw from a course?

To drop/withdraw from a course, please contact the office of the Registrar at (207) 768-9581 or via email at alexander.myhre@maine.edu. Please be aware of the add/drop and withdrawal dates during the semester.

What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course?

Dropping a course and withdrawing from a course are essentially the same thing, but there is a one big difference. There is a set time period called add/drop after the semester begins in which you can drop a course with no penalty on your college transcript.

Withdrawing from a course is essentially dropping the course after the add/drop period ends. If you withdraw from a course, you will receive a “W” on your official college transcript.

* There are specific deadlines for both dropping and withdrawing from a course that vary from semester to semester. View the Academic Calendar.

Why am I still being charged for a course even though I withdrew?

There are NO refunds available for dual-credit students.

Where do I purchase my textbooks?

You can purchase your textbooks right through the campus store online..

How much do I pay for a dual-credit course?

Classes offered to high school students through UMPI cost $20 per credit. The course credit fee, and any applicable textbook costs, are the responsibility of the student.

How many dual-credit courses can I take per semester?

That is entirely up to you! There is no limit to the number of Dual-Credit courses you can take, but we recommend discussing class options with your high school guidance counselor.

Do I receive any student discounts with my UMPI ID?

There are a number of locations where you can get discounts by presenting your Student ID. These Include:

  • Big Cheese Pizza – Free Big Stix with pizza order
  • Big Rock Ski Area in Mars Hill – 1/2 off lift tickets
  • UMPI Outing Club – Free equipment rental; email amanda.g.baker@maine.edu
  • Presque Isle Skating Rink at The Forum – Free admission
  • Northern Lanes – Free Bowling every Friday
  • Sandwhich Shop – 10% discount
  • Arby’s – 10% discount
  • Pizza Hut – 15% discount
  • *all subject to change without notice

What services are available to me?

You have all the same services available to you as a traditional UMPI students. These include tutoring, the Writing Center, and Student Support Services.