OpenU Course Offerings

OpenU Course Offerings

Spring 2018 Semester

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Course Title Instructor Meeting Dates
ENG 211-6W21* Introduction to Creative Writing Kathleen Harrigan 7/9/2018-8/17/2018
ENG 259-6W11* Contemporary World Lit Deb Hodgkins 5/21/2018-6/29/2018
ENG 391-6W21* Studies in English Language Lea Allen 7/9/2018-8/17/2018
GEO 101-6W11* Human Geography Kimberly Sebold 5/21/2018-6/29/2018
HTY 115-6W11* World Civilization I John DeFelice 5/21/2018-6/29/2018
HTY 162-6W21* United States History II Kimberly Sebold 7/9/2018-8/17/2018
HTY 184-6W21 Zombies in American Pop Culture Kimberly Sebold 7/9/2018-8/17/2018
HTY 377-6W21* Modern China John DeFelice 7/9/2018-8/17/2018

For course descriptions, please view them in the Course Descriptions section of our downloadable Course Catalogue. Descriptions are listed alphabetically.

* Students will have to buy trade paperbacks or textbooks

** Lab fee required to be paid to Business Office prior to class start